Azur Club Chez Regina

Azur Club Chez Regina

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If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

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Atmosphere: 2
Dancers: 3
Value: 2
Overall: 2

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Joined us on Jan 2017

They are only open Wednesday to Saturday from 2300 – 0500. So when I came on a Tuesday early evening I found a closed door.
Went back Thursday evening around 11.30. Entry is 20 Euro , which includes a drink
Very small club: a stage of 1x1 m with a pole some 12-15 seats and a bar in the back. There was one girl on stage when I entered undressed only as far as her underwear. No further action for the next half hour, then another girl came on stage , same story: took of her dress after one song and danced in her underwear for another song. For both girls the underwear was not just panties and bra but also chemise and corset, so still rather covered up. 15 mins the next girl came on. After one song she took of her dress. In her case the underwear was only a G-string. By then I had finished my beer. And decided to leave. I don’t think I’ll go back.
Initially 3 girls were there, while I was there 3 more entered, but they all stayed in the bar area. no activity what so ever. In front of which they drew a curtain to close of an area where they changed dresses.

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