La Esquina Lounge

La Esquina Lounge

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(956) 262-1848

12325 E Monte Cristo Rd

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

Prices and features

Atmosphere: 1
Dancers: 2
Value: 5
Overall: 3

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Joined us on Jan 2017

This place is located away from the city. It is on a back road with not many other businesses around for miles. It is a small building that had been there for quite some time. The pave looks old and reminds you of a dive bar. If there is such a thing as a dive strip club then this is it. I would not recommend going without somebody that lives around there. The type of guys that go there are a bit older and rough looking. This is not a place for young, hip people. If you go you should not flaunt your money and be aware of your surroundings always. I went with a cousin of mine that is a regular and I still didn't feel safe. The girls aren't exactly the best looking but better than I expected (that doesn't say much though). This is a very mexican dive strip club.

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