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Apple Bees

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Gaberone Road, Nairobi City

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

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Joined us on Jan 2017

Visited Apple Bees, because of the restaurant name. It is located in downtown Nairobi, in a more sketchy area of town. The local taxi drivers know the name but not the actual location. Few times different drivers had to stop to ask other cabbies for directions. The entrance is two double doors on the corner block, few steps from the street, you walk through doors, up long flight of stairs to top landing. Immediately, notice the place is grungy, worn down, broken chairs, more of low scale PG county type joint. It is very similar to any of the rough and ready ghetto style SC except Kenyans are very polite, well mannered and considerate to foreigners. The entrance fee is $300 Kenya schillings about $4 USD. For us foreigner guys two unsettling things the entrance double doors are padlocked by security after you enter, and after paying entrance fee, another set of padlocked doors are opened by security, and immediately locked upon entering the club. Essentially you are double locked in until a uniform security guard (not waitress or other staff) unlocks both padlock gates for you to exit. You aren't free to leave at your leisure like normal clubs. Found myself and couple other mzungu guys standing around for 20 min waiting for the idiot security to find the padlock key he misplaced somewhere. Don't know if they have been raided or robbed, either way they are awfully concerned about security enough to keep you in rather keep you out. Entered the place,they offered all...

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