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Club Tiger Lily

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46 Causeyside Street

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

Prices and features

Dance price: 40
Drink price: 6
Nightime cover: 10
Hours: wed,thu,sun 10pm-2am fri 10pm-3am sat 2pm-3am
Atmosphere: 3
Dancers: 3
Value: 3
Overall: 3

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Joined us on Jan 2017

Finally managed a visit here at 1am on a Saturday. What a disappointment!
Paid cover at top of stairs & shown to seat by DJ/manager who took my drink order (£3 for bottled beer). He sent dancer over to sit with me - therre were about 5 working, all apparently UK girls, and about twice as many customers. This was Robyn, whose first night it was - a slim young blonde, a local, who was presumably at least 21 but looked younger. After a chat I took a £20 dance. Cash is paid to the lady doorkeeper & dances take place in a square, well-lit room whose only furnishing is the benches round 3 sides. Drinks must be left outside. Robyn's inexperience showed in a somewhat clumsy dance, but she was pretty and charming so I didn't mind. After, I retrieved my drink and found another seat and proceeded to be left alone for the next half hour!!! During this time, there were 2 stage dances (no stripping) and the manager was directing girls to go and sit with various patrons but all they seemed to do was drink and talk. Hardly any went for dances. I tried to catch the eye of different girls but to no avail. I was on the point of leaving when Leah (a brunette from Yorkshire) came over to me. I explained my disappointment and she told me they were understaffed because several girls had been sacked. I told her I didn't feel this was an excuse and that the manager had to get his act together. This club has potential, but that night it was being used by the locals as...

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