Le Berry

Rue d'Aerschot

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

Prices and features

Dance price: 50
Drink price: 0
Daytime cover: 40
Nightime cover: 40
Hours: 24/7
Atmosphere: 3
Dancers: 4
Value: 5
Overall: 4

Comments and reviews





Joined us on Jan 2017

Long story short, this is not a strip club. This is a brothel. In fact, it's one of about 50 brothels up and down the rue d'aerschot, which is right outside the north train station. The girls are mostly eastern european, although there are a number of Belgians, French, and South Americans at work on the street. In general, the girls a very hot, easily 8 on average. Most of them are also very friendly, and fairly relaxed about what they do. This is Europe. For 40 euros (about 50 bucks) they will blow you and have sex with you in one position (everything is with condom). For 50 euros, they will blow you and have sex with you in multiple positions. For 100 euros, they will spend half an hour blowing you and fucking you. For 200 euros the sky's the limit. If you like strip clubs, many girls will do a strip show for you. Unlike most strip clubs, they will then fuck you. Unlike the red light district in Amsterdam, in which each girl has a private room, the girls in the brussels RLD share space, 3 or 4 to a building, fucking away on couches or single beds curtained off from the others.

So, to recap: not a strip club. In fact, places like this make strip clubs look kind of pointless.

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