Prairie Chicken Bar and Resort

Prairie Chicken Bar and Resort

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34311 SD Highway 34

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

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Atmosphere: 3
Dancers: 3
Value: 3
Overall: 3

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Joined us on Jan 2017

I had driven by his club a handful of times, but it is truly in the middle of nowhere and I never had stopped. Recently I was in Chamberlain though and decided to check it out. You may want to call ahead to make sure they are open before heading out. I'm not clear on if they are actually open year round or only at certain times.

I got there around 7, and was the only person in the bar. After chatting for with the bartender for probably a half hour or more, a couple of dancers finally emerged from the back. Since I was the only patron, two dancers were plenty. They were both quite attractive, more than I would have guessed based on the remoteness of the club. I had private dances from both of them (one was brand new and not much of a dancer, but the other was a lot of fun). There was plenty of contact, though nothing more than that. A few more people wandered in as the night wore on.

The bar is decorated with stuffed animals (not toys, but hunting trophies). The staff was friendly and the drinks are cheap, just like any other rural bar in the area. A few bucks for a beer or a mixed drink. The website for this bar says that shower dances are available, but I never saw where and was never offered the chance to buy one, so I don't know if they actually do that or not.

You are taking a chance if you visit this bar. You have to determine if they are actually open, and even if they are, you run the risk of there only being a c...

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