Secret Gentlemen's Club

Secret Gentlemen's Club

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7928 North Shepherd

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

Prices and features

Dance price: 20
Drink price: 5.50
Nightime cover: 5
Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday
Atmosphere: 1
Dancers: 1
Value: 1
Overall: 1

Comments and reviews





Joined us on Jan 2017

I was back in Houston with an open evening with plans to go to Secret - the last time I was there I had a very "memorable" experience. Had been looking forward to this for some time, so I leave the hotel hit the road with $200 in my pocket. I get to Secret, drive through the parking lot from back to front and standing by the door are a couple of ugly looking thugs with a nasty expression on their faces. My gut says keep on driving so that's what I did and took my $200 to another club. If the owners of this club read these reviews, my advice to you is figure out a way to clean up the parking lot so prospective customers don't feel threatened before they decide to come in the door. That's probably why there are no other reviews for this place.

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