About strip and gentlemen's clubs

Striptease, as we know it, owes its origin to an incident occurred in 1893 at famous Paris Moulin Rouge Cabaret. It was hosting the student beauty contest when one of the models named Mona suddenly threw off her clothes. This “performance” is considered to be the world's first striptease. Afterwards this hot dance began to win funs’ hearts from all around the world. The first nude girls-dancers and the first public places for such performances appeared in France and the United States and then globally.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a country or a city without these fascinating performances of professional dancers admired by passionate audience. Having transformed from easy movements and simple dance to the real dance art, striptease changed significantly and has become a dance full of creativity, artistry and undying flame of life.


Behind the scenes. General terms

There are two types of striptease: topless (a dancer reveals only her breasts) and total (a dancer took off all her clothes). The typical dance column is called the pole. By the way, this word is of an ancient origin: the Egyptians used this word for columns in temples. The poles can be of various materials and of different height and diameter. The pole with less slip and larger diameter is called rura. The strip-dancers wear special shoes on an extremely high heels  - strip shoes. But such shoes can be worn only while pole-striptease.


Instead conclusion

In spite of outdated attitudes of some members of the society and widespread disapproval of striptease, it is pure art comprising beauty of a human body, choreography and a rhythm of perfect movements which you can’t take your eyes off. To deny it means that you will never feel that incredible energy which this seductive dance performed by real professionals may expose.