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Studio Budapest

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Buelstrasse 3

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

Prices and features

Nightime cover: 5
Hours: 12AM - 12PM (Monday - Sunday)
Atmosphere: 2
Dancers: 3
Value: 5
Overall: 3

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Joined us on Jan 2017

Switzerland is secretly a country full of sex maniacs. I don't have definitive proof, but I do have listings for dozens if not hundreds of massage and modeling houses that turned up while I was trying to identify this place after the fact. Thanks to my lousy grasp of Swiss street signs (and some questionable directions) I was in the middle of a little town called Hegnau in the middle of the night looking for a club called Teatro. The street I was looking for was Zurcherstrasse, and there was about a block of road that had the name as I was looping around this tiny traffic circle trying to decide which of the other roads might be the other part of it. None were, but that's hindsight talking. Off this little strip of road that was part of the main drag (think local highway), I noticed a building kind of set down in a notch heading down a large hill toward the autobahn. Think overpass and next street to the left. It was clearly marked with sign "Studio Girls" and reddish lighting. It was the only thing open nearby around 3-ish, so maybe it was Teatro? I got a little further South and Zurcherstrasse didn't reappear, so I turn and head back.

Parked on the side of the place along Buelstrasse behind another car and took a quick look around on foot. No clear entrance on the topside to Studio Girls, but there was a sidewalk that led to some doors on the second level and small sign that said "Studio Orchid". It was so quiet...

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