The Green Door

The Green Door

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Joined us on Jan 2017

So .. first of all this could technically be considered a strip club although really anything goes here.

I went across the border to do a little shopping and happened upon the Green Door. If you walk across the border and stay on the main street it will be on your left.

I was there twice and both times were was much fun as I've ever had in strip clubs. The girls are very friendly and will come and try to sit with you in hopes of drinks and more. The more is anything goes and whatever you want, There were some really hot young 20-ish chicks and some older ones. Some wore underwear and others didn't .. so you can imagine what goes on at the table in the bar. Really different than US clubs.

The drinks, if you are drinking alone, are $2 for Tecate Light bottles which is dirt cheap. If you are entertaining a lady friend, two drinks will cost you $10 to $12 with the girl getting a cash back with their drink.

Extras are $20 for the room and a negotiable $80 for full service. I suspect prices are really pretty negotiable.

The place is clean and no one hassles you for anything at all.

Highly recommended either for just a cool place to hang out or more if you want it,.

I cant wait to get back to Arizona and some time in the Yuma area.

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