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The Premier Lounge

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0034 67 63 99 599

Next to Lineker's Bar

If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via email: [email protected]

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Joined us on Jan 2017

Well, its not the best, but not the worst either.
Its fairly small.
1st day I went alone at around 12:30 am. Not too many people and while I waited to order my first drink at the bar I was approached by 3 girls all pushing me for Dances.
I sat down and they were all over me again. They dont talk much, they just want to dance.
Dances are Euro 20 in public and Euro 30 in room.
I left after 2 dances.

The day after I went back with a group of people and that was a lot more fun.
It was week-end, lots more people and the place was rocking.
Again, the girls was for Dance only, no talk before.

The girls and the dances are ok and they try their best, but its not Stringfellow quality.
They do strip pannies too in the room
There are no nukies if you know what I mean

The fun thing and you need to watch out for this.
Depending on "who" you ask of the floorstaff to get you dancegirls, the price can be different.
Found one bar-girl who found dancers for ½ price than 2 other bar-men..... strange.


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